October 2, 2012

The Last Supper

What a beautiful Vegetarian Lasagna you produced!
 Even Philomena asked for the recipe - high praise indeed!
Well old girl - you certainly went out with a bang.
 I'll miss you.

My oven churned out it's final meal. Twenty one years of service and wonderful service at that. Mind you the Bosch is still going strong and isn't officially dead. It is however totally cracked up, like a very heavily wrinkled old lady, looking much worse for wear. But it's still providing gloriously baked dishes for the people in my life.

It's been quite a while now; visitors enter the house; take one look at the oven; look at me and ask "what's wrong with your oven?" It's made me very defensive of the old girl. Nothing! I retort. She works like a charm and why should I chuck her out simply because of how she looks.

There's history in that old girl. My kids have all been raised on the goodies she's pumped out. Birthday cakes, graduation cakes, celebration cakes, any ole cake, casseroles, roast pork, roast chicken, roast lamb and let's not forget the wonderful glazed ham at Christmas. I just read back this sentence. I need a whole page and I still wouldn't cover all the dishes she's baked over the years. 

I was surprised. After bringing home the 'new girl', I thought I would feel slightly emotional seeing the old girl removed from the centre of the kitchen and then replaced.  But instead, I went "ooooh wow".  I liked the nice new Bosch sister beaming right back at me.

The old girl sat outside; it was then and only then I saw her. Really saw her. Yep. She's passed it. I had to admit it. The seal was completely broken off and hanging from the insides. The outside? No words needed - it's pretty obvious. But for whatever reason, I simply didn't want to see it. I knew her. I knew her inside out. Like a faithful dog, she did what she was supposed to do and she did it so well.

I think she lived with us for much longer than do most ovens. Everyone I know has had their ovens replaced; Philomena replaced her oven twice and she began with the same Bosch oven as did I!

I retrieved the racks and the heavy baking tray. They'll be great for barbie's on the farm, says Hubby. He puts her in the back of the car, drives away and I didn't even wave her goodbye. I look through my kitchen window and she's gone. Thanks old girl. You were absolutely marvellous. It'll be interesting to see how the new girl and I get on. It won't be easy; she has one super act to follow.

It's a funny thing. It's not like I can't afford it. Mitch was trying to get me to upgrade to the latest fandangled oven with all the bells and whistles. I barked at him. No!!!! I want simple. I want white (most of them are stainless steel). I want Bosch. 

Am I strange? Why do I feel so differently? Why don't I just get the top of the range? It's like my mixmaster. I own an old Kenwood Chef - made in 1974. Made in Australia and looks very plain. She sounds like a road train whenever she runs and my water glass rattles on the bench while she runs. She's not a bright, colourful, expensive KitchenAid attracting attention and dressing up the kitchen bench like a rich bejewelled woman.  And that is precisely what I like. My kitchen gadgets are as basic as can be; the older the better.

Ooops. I've just twigged. It's not the appliances that shine in this kitchen. They are merely the tools. It's outcomes that interest me. Not fancy gadgets that offer topnotch bragging and superficial fashion rights.

In this kitchen the things that shine are the food, the vibe and me. 

Thanks old girl in doing your job and helping me to shine for all these years.


  1. I'm not sure how you manage to make a reader well up with teary eyes over an oven for christ sakes, you but did just that. Wonderful story as per usual mother, loved it. Nicka. X

  2. I guess my darling she's been a part of your history and you recall with fondness all the yummy foods you've enjoyed for all these years. It's like saying goodbye to the one thing you've only ever known. You relate to this oven so no wonder you welled up. Thanks for sharing; it's this kind of post and your kind of reaction - that make me want to keep doing "Through My Kitchen Window". Much love from your Mama xxx

  3. Hi Mariana

    I love new kitchen gadgets but I never through anything out, especially if it still works. I just add ...

    1. You must have a lot of space Glenda. But then I don't throw much out, because my gadgets last so long!

    2. Hi Mariana. Luckily I have two kitchens and two laundries in which to store things and cupboards in the garages for things 'I don't use very often':)

    3. Oh wow. Two kitchens and two laundries - you are fortunate Glenda.

  4. Mariana I can completely relate. Getting a new mixer recently, I felt a bit sad just turfing out the old and replacing with the new. There was food history there, we had some good times, we had some great times. Little motor whizzing for all it's worth. I held on for as long as I could, fixed her, got new parts, made do. Then the new Swede got delivered and without a backward glance I cleared off the bench and assembled the new girl... *sigh* and she's awesome. I'm hoping this one does me the next 20 years of baking.

  5. So good to hear you finding your 'new girl' awesome Brydie. I haven't used my new girl enough to say that yet. I'm noticing a difference in the time it takes to bake a cake. Its taking longer in this oven, so relearning to be done. Grrrrrr. I'm not as patient as I used to be. Funny that we've both had to replace our precious 'old girls' recently. I feel a blogging kindred spirit with you my dear - hehe.