November 8, 2012

Discoveries on the Chicken Run

I had completely forgotten about the possum house in the macadamia tree. Hubby built it years ago; can't remember when exactly, would easily be about 15 years.  Pests. This tree is right next to my bedroom and they easily pop over onto the roof and have running races every night! Sometimes they even pop down and get into our Josie's seed.  Josie the wallaroo is often out and about at night so they know the coast is clear. Cheeky little mischief makers.

Most of these little baubles are going to turn into nice big juicy mangoes. At least, that's my hope!!

From a distance the avocado tree looks brimming with fruit.

Yep. Fruit like this all over the avocado tree. It's going to be another bumper year - for the birds, the bats, the rats, the possums and hopefully for me!!

Wow - I'm surprised to see next years oranges have already begun to fruit.

I had to pop the camera under the netting. I went click and this is the view. Beautiful peaches if we manage to keep the bats out.

Hubby loves his paper bark gums. I love them in winter time - the bark kickstarts the wood in the fireplace every time. As far as summer time goes, I hate them. They make such a mess all over the lawn. It never ends.  Oh well, must take the good with the bad I suppose.

Looking 'through my kitchen window' I'm still enjoying a purple lawn. We do need rain though - desperately.

Usually I race down to the chicken pen, collect the eggs, give them some scraps and watch them run out into the yard itching to explore the ground. Today I did a little exploring with them. Amazing what discoveries there are to be made in one's own backyard.


  1. Fantastic shots. That is a lot of avocados. Surely the wildlife will leave some for you. Our problems is parots. They eat everything. They do not leave one skerrick for us. Even when we net the trees they somehow get in and eat the fruit.

    1. Honestly Glenda - that is just about the usual yield. I'm not joking, I think I could feed all of queensland with my two avocado trees - hehe. Seriously though, I forgot about the parrots here too; but the big destruction maker of them all are the cockatoos - but they tend to come more at the end of the avocado season - I think they like them nice and ripe the choosy little beggars. I don't mind; there's more than enough to accomodate all creatures big and small - just please leave the mangoes alone creatures!!