November 9, 2012

All On Board for Nicka

I love this picture; taken during happy times at Philomena's seventieth birthday. Looking for a nice picture of my Nicka, I stumbled upon this photo taken with her sister Larissa and our wonderful neighbour and friend Romano. He is such a special man and the girls so adore him. Doesn't it show?Aren't my girls beautiful!! Or am I merely one biased mama!

Two hours ago I dropped my Nicka off at Carindale.  Together with the travel agency owners and Kyle, her good photographer friend, they packed themselves into the van to head off to Brissy airport. I headed back home. Have fun my gorgeous gal, take care and make use of that good eye of yours. I hope the cruise ship company is impressed with your photos.

So where is Nic going? My lucky girl hits the jackpot - again. A phone call out of the blue a couple of weeks ago. Scrambling to get vaccination shots, a visa and all the other bits and pieces that a 22 year old travelling girl needs.  She's off to Vietnam, Cambodia and a deluxe river cruise up the Mekong River.  Eighteen days in total. An intimate group with 32 people on board and celebrity chef Alastair McLeod cooking for them all.

The Tour Videographer and Tour Escort couldn't make the trip and so my Nicka gets a desperate call asking if she can fill in for him. Guess you know the answer.

I've looked at the itinerary and I can't believe it. The cruise is taking place on a brand new vessel called the Avalon Angkor. The river cruise is for 7 days and the remainder sees them going to major tourist destinations, markets, temples and world heritage island sites. They'll be staying at five star hotels, eating amazing three course meals and living it up. Somewhere in all this Nicka will need to take pictures for next years promotional catalogue of the trip.

I wonder if this is the beginning of your travel photography dream job my darling.  Knock 'em off their socks sweetie. If anyone can do it you can. 


  1. What a wonderful oportunity for Nicka. I am sure she will take full advantage of it and produce some wonderful shots.