January 24, 2013

Crazy For High Tea

Vanilla Cupcakes with Intense Dark Lindt Chocolate Frosting

Hello. In case you're wondering I'm still here! I continue to look through my kitchen window; it's just that the view has changed a little lately.  It's a new year. And I'm having fun with a new page on my Facebook. My latest obsession with fine bone china tea cups, saucers, plates and all sorts has seen me on a path of posting almost every day. I'd love you to drop by, if you have a facebook account then by all means 'Like' me and join in the High Tea talk.  Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/#!/hightime.for.hightea

I'll continue to blog especially if I have recipes to be referred to from the High Tea website. Case in point - as in the previous post. Pop on over and let's high tea together. Mariana x

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