January 20, 2013

European Style Choc-Ripple Cake

A perfect cake to enjoy on a warm, lazy, summer afternoon.
 No icing, no cream.
 Simplicity at it's best. 

European Style Choc-Ripple Cake

1 1/2 cups sifted self-raising flour
3/4 cup caster sugar
1tsp vanilla extract
5 eggs, at room temperature, separated
1/2 tepid milk
1/2 light olive oil
1tsp cocoa powder
ground almonds & butter OR lard & flour to coat the baking tin

Preheat oven to a moderate temperature. Thoroughly grease the baking container (I use a kugelhopf tin); then coat with finely processed almonds or flour. Shake off any excess. 

Using an electric mixer, beat together the egg yolks, sugar & vanilla extract till light, pale & creamy. Will take up to 10 minutes.

In a clean bowl, using clean beaters, whip up the egg whites till they just hold their peaks. 

Add the olive oil, milk & flour to the egg yolk mixture.

Fold through till ingredients are well incorporated.

Beat some of the egg whites into this mixture; do not worry about being too heavy handed at this stage. Gently fold through remaining egg whites. 

The mixture should be pourable and not at all firm.

Place a small amount of this mixture into a small bowl & whisk in the cocoa.

Half fill the baking tin with the vanilla mixture, drizzle the cocoa mixture over this; then finish off with the remaining vanilla mixture. Take a knife & swirl through once or twice; no more. 

Bake in the oven for approx. 35 to 40 minutes. Take out; rest on a wire rack till the cake has completely cooled

Gently hit the sides of the tin to help release the cake. Invert onto a dish. This cake is almost sponge-like, however unlike a sponge it has a much longer keeping time.


  1. Lovely Mariana...I'd go a chunk of that right now.

    1. I'd love to share a piece with you too my dear. There's enough room on the table for two. When are you coming?

  2. Was this delicious?

  3. Thank you. Would you describe it as a keeper that you would make again and again? I find this is the test of a truly delicious cake. I really don't like to waste time (and ingredients) on a cake that is nice but nothing really out of the ordinary...taste-wise and in texture. After many ordinary ones, I now only want to make ones that are very very good. I hope that makes sense.

    1. I've made it twice in the last two weeks - I don't make it as often as a carrot, or date & walnut or chocolate cake, but it is most definitely a keeper for me and probably the best 'spongey' type of cake that I do.

      Hmmm - I don't regard making a cake for the first time as a waste of time. It's an experiment - and if I kinda think it's okay, I may make it again with changes - if I feel it's worth pursuing - then I'll make it again with more changes. This is how I got to my chocolate cake recipe which I need never change again - for my family it's perfect and I'm so glad I never gave up experimenting. For me, I learn through trial and error and it's helped me through all types of cooking.

      Each to their own I guess.

  4. I do understand the importance of tweaking a recipe to perfect it...and I wish I could do that. You see, a few years ago I had a massive brain haemorrhage, and given 24 hours to live. It was a miracle that I survived but have been left with a number of health issues...one of them is that I can no longer taste. You see I have to rely on exceptionally good recipes as I cannot adjust or improve them. If I make something for the family that isn't liked they simply won't eat it. I cannot eat whole cakes or sweets alone, therefore try to find ones that are absolute keepers...they are called that because they are excellent. I do not tell many people about my inability to taste but possibly should have when asking you about this cake. I do trust your judgement as I have made the sultana cake and it is a one that has gone into my "Best Recipes". I can't wait to try your chocolate cake as I know that will also be wonderful.
    I do hope I have not offended you by my questions about this cake. Based on the ingredients I thought it would have to be good but wanted to be sure.
    I love your blog.

  5. Hi Angela

    Sounds like an awful card you've been dealt with in life. It seems as though you manage as best you can and I admire the fact that you wish to offer nothing but the best for your family. I can't imagine how you do this without the 'taste' sense, but I see your need for reliable recipes.

    No offence taken, I had a vibe something was out of the ordinary. Thanks for offering the personal explanation.

    Good to hear the sultana cake has been well received - the choc cake surely will be too. This cake is a little trickier; I learnt about it from my former European neighbour Philomena. If you use a kugelhoph tin, I now take Philomena's advice and grease it with lard, then a light sprinkle of flour. I used to grease with butter, but had tremendous trouble with it still sticking.

    I think the rest is straightforward, just try not to beat the heck out of it when you fold in the last of the eggwhites. A big secret is to use locally sourced free range eggs -they truly do make all the difference. The fresher the better.

    Good luck; nice to hear you like my blog; unfortunately it's really taken a back seat these days and I hardly blog anymore. Life is full on and great; just don't feel the need to blog much. I haven't given up tho. All the best - Mariana

  6. Thank you for your very kind reply. I do appreciate it. I certainly hope you will continue to blog as I love your recipes. They are very real ones. I do understand the busyness of life and I marvel that anyone can keep a blog going. I am however always thankful that these wonderful blogs are out there as they help me enormously in being able to continue to cook. I do so love cooking.
    I will let you know when I make any of your recipes. I am sure they will be winners.
    Kindest regards,

    1. Well it's quite validating to hear you appreciate the blog Angela. Thanks. And your love for cooking is very evident. Hope food bloggers like myself can keep coming up with those winners - haha. Take care. Mariana.