September 28, 2013

Sweet Corn, Zucchini & Haloumi Fritters

These fritters are fabulous. I already had the Sweet Capsicum Relish in my cooking repetoire from years ago. The Balsamic Syrup too. But the fritters are a newbie and one that has absolutely struck a 10/10 chord with everyone who's tasted them. I suspect the relish and the syrup go a long way toward that 'zing' flavour which makes them unbelievably moorish and yummy.

The picture above is where the idea for the recipe came about. 

My girls and I took a three day trip to Daylesford a few months back. We had the most marvellous time. Issy staked out the cafe we would go to for our final meal.  The "sweet corn and haloumi fritters served with capsicum and sweet chilli relish" sent her nuts. Reading the window menu we all agreed to dine at this place; although Nicka had a different meal.

Daylesford is cold! The girls and I froze our 'tooshies off' - but it was worth it. 

We were all very happy with our meals. So much so that I decided to recreate the dish - well sort of. I liked the fritters but I wanted more veggie and less flour. In with some zucchini. My experimentation was a triumph. I was ecstatic with the results. I think I made about four batches in the week to follow. My usual 'meat-eating' hubby even gave a huge thumbs up. Most unlike him. It was then I realised, wow, this is a winner.

As I scratched my head wondering which recipe to focus on for the next column - I burst out laughing as I realised - I was eating it! In she goes. My editor emails back with 'oooohhhhs and aaaahhhh's'. I think she approves. Hope you do too.

Here's the link to my: Sweet Corn, Zucchini & Haloumi Fritters

PS: I should add the lovely Brydie at cityhippyfarmgirl posted about her corn and ricotta fritter recipe. Upon reading her post I realised that my very own fritter recipe had totally slipped my mind. Timely reminder. Thanks Brydie. Phew.


  1. These looks yummy! I have few courgetts growing in my garden-I know what I'll be eating soon for tea;)

    1. Hope you'll enjoy the fritters as much as we do Aga.
      Cheers Mariana

  2. I just ate at the same café on Saturday and have been googling madly for a similar recipe. The link above doesn't seem to be working :-(
    Can you repost the link I just get "page not found"