October 11, 2013

Hubby's Faith

Can't believe it's almost 2 months since I last went to the big property.

I enjoyed walking along green paddocks every 
afternoon admiring our first ever barley crop.

Early days were looking wonderful with loads of promise.

Long paddocks of green

Unfortunately since that time, we've hardly had any rain. 

Signs of moisture stress were evident as yellowing emerged throughout.

Weeks without rain and Mitch had all but given up - 
he suggested the cows be allowed in to have a good feed of the barley. 

Hubby said no. Let's wait.

Last week a call to the agronomist to come and take a look.

The report? 


Sections of the crop were some of the best the agronomist had seen in the district. 

What appears to be the case from the top is not necessarily 
the story with what's going on in the ground - lesson learned.

Oh that Hubby of mine - what faith!

A call two days ago - a kiss good-bye and wish for good luck from yours truly.

Off he goes to his big property - our first ever barley harvest.

Mitchell's excitement has been renewed - the team is on alert.

Silo's are ready, machinery in place.

As I type the paddocks are being harvested - no word yet. 

Too busy I guess.

Can't wait to hear.

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  1. I just adore these photographs Mariana, especially the first 2. I'm love the windmill and the shadow you have cast on the second, so clever! Jan