October 9, 2013

Bunting, Trees & Gentle Breeze........

We had the most glorious time ever.....if that's even possible cos we've had some good times.

Yep. This one was special. Two days later and the sore jaws from all the laughter has finally subsided.

Good people, wonderful setting and of course - good food and a fine opportunity to bring out the vintage best (well maybe not the best) but beautiful fine bone china nonetheless.

We mustn't forget the star of the show! Tho that may be in question. Is it the 'yellow' car, is it the 'teapot' car or is it 'puppy'?

Let the pics do the talking and you decide who is the real star of the show.

High Tea Down On The Farm - feeling utterly blessed.

Get in Erica - you can do it!

You being a good guard doggy there "puppy"

A spot of driving in the country

Hang on to puppy Sharyn!

Nearly forgot the tweed cap Ken

Checking the dashboard there Julian

The 'motorcar' teapot - unbelievable Erica!
Barney whatever shall we do with you - is that a teabag!!

Wonderful looking pumpkin scones - thank you country neighbors

Dave - your apple cake was the star of the table!

June - you going for the home-made crisps - again!

My clever crafty friend Erica is the worlds worst cook - rubbish!
Your fritters were delish darling. x

Not those bluddy spinach and feta muffins - again!!

Teacups, teacups, teacups......

Erica's mothers' old tea set - too precious for words

I sipped from my latest addition to the collection -"Sunflowers"

Seated, scarf suitably wrapped, clutching puppy, ready for your spin up the valley!
What on earth was all that screaming for my dear - you sounded terrified!

Back, safe 'n sound.

Who's Next?????


  1. Your photos, fun and sense of humour of your high tea is wonderful

    1. Thank you Miirih - just went back over and re-read the post. I had quite the giggle. Mariana x

  2. What utter bliss to have high tea in the beautiful open country side like that! Very envious!

    1. It is bliss Andrea - but nothing comes together easily without organisation, planning and effort. In the end it was so very worth it.