March 22, 2009

Lazy Sunday

I christened a new baking tin. I purchased it in Melbourne when I visited my lovely daughter last November. So yeah I guess it's taken a while to pull it out and see how my carrot cake looked in a very long log tin. And the verdict is "very, very nice". I can see myself putting it to good use especially when a cake is needed for a crowd or group of people. It would cut up into heaps of even slices so that is very appealing.

Hubby got stuck into the cake before I had a chance to ice it as it was still warm. He liked it. He asked what was the spice that came through. Freshly grated nutmeg. Boy that makes a difference compared to the powdery stuff that comes already ground and has completely lost it's flavour. There is no comparison.

Mitch is out the back mowing the lawn, or the bush I should say. The grass reaches our backsides when we walk down there so it was getting a little desperate. The main reason for the attention though is that hubby spotted two foxes at 4am fighting underneath the avocado tree. There are heaps of avocadoes just lying around the bottom and he seems to think they must be eating them. Thankfully the chickens were locked, but the worry is they are visiting us and I do wonder about the loss of five of our guinea pigs recently. Would foxes come so close to the house? After all the guineas live just outside my kitchen window. Scary thought actually. Anyhow the grass is being cleared and then an action plan is being hatched about how to get them. Boys and their toys. Or guns should I say.

My photographic daughter is still too busy to find the time to teach me how to post photos, so here lies my site still unphotographed. Looking rather dull, yes I know. Hopefully I will be able to post something soon as my dear son is feeling sorry for me, and although not an expert himself at least he can find the time to help me. Appreciate it Borb. I have lots of affectionate nicknames for my kids, especially "photographic daughter" but it looks like the Borb got first mention.

Time for another cup of tea, piece of uniced cake and read of the newpaper.

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