October 6, 2013

I Kid You Not

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My son emailed me this picture of his dinner. Caught and cooked by Mitch. 

 There are normal families and then there are normal families. Not sure what your normal is; but I scratch my head and I swear we ain't very normal.

A long overdue call to my son. One precious hour spent chatting with him about his world and then what's happening in my world.

Your beautiful Plymouth Rock chickens were killed by a fox last week. So sorry to tell you mate. He replies "it's okay Ma. They had a wonderful life living on acreage roaming wherever their hearts desired and I know you spoilt them with daily treats. Think of the other 99.9% of chickens who from the moment they're born are pumped with hormones and slaughtered 6 weeks later. Ours had a good life".

Phew. And I was stressed about telling him. He's become so pragmatic. Guess that's what working on a country property does. You see many things and life can become very fragile.

He tells me goats have started to invade the barley. Oh no! Only a week till harvest - tho it's an ongoing battle with roos, emus and pigs. Now goats too. Well one less now.

He spotted a herd of goats feasting on the barley - singled out a smaller one - on target. Mitch rarely takes a shot unless he's on target. He's amazingly sensitive to animals that way - be they feral or pest or whatever. If they're out of range he won't even take a punt. Full stop.

The casserole dish comes out and in goes the kid leg. A long description to me about what he did and I couldn't be more proud. Watching those episodes of "Feast Bazaar" came in handy. All that was missing was the couscous and the tagine.

So that's my son's "normal" - very unlike most of his former school friends.

I felt awful that he didn't know about his sister Nicka 'catching' those famous lights (prior post) - so a long in depth conversation right there.  That's our littlest girls' 'normal'. Living the fairy tale travel dream - and she does. Mitch is quick to remind me he's not surprised in the least she was there at the right time; after all; "remember Ma, that girl was born with a rainbow struck up her a-se."

His biggest sister has a different 'normal' yet again. She's dedicated to increasing and bettering the lives of the poor, the disabled, the minority groups. Volunteering now at the amazing food story that is "Lentil As Anything". Not much money but she's offered a job as Floor Manager working in the Convent. That's her 'normal'.

One thing's for sure. There is no such thing as 'normal'.  At least not with my lot. "No kidding" I hear you say. Well why not? Try some - I 'normally' wouldn't, but if it's anything like the picture, it just might taste alright.

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