October 3, 2013

Chasing The Light

My beautiful daughter has taught me that lighting is so important in photography. She's right. I was delighted with how my little vintage creamer pics turned out. The lovely natural light enhanced the dainty flowers and the gorgeous gold scallop-edged rim. This little pourer is one of my favs.

So while I was busy chasing the early morning sunlight in Australia, my thoughts turned to my beautiful.  She's on a mission. Number one on her bucket list is to see the Northern Lights. Nicka's a dreamer; but the difference with her - she's also a doer.

Off to Norway; full of anticipation, expectation and excitement to chase those Northern Lights. After two and a half weeks patiently waiting night after night doing the "Aurora Watch", it'd been terribly quiet. Nothing. Speaking with one of the locals, they tell her for the past five years they'd only seen it twice. What! Oh despair!!

Then two nights ago - it appeared. Not spectacular - but it was there and it splashed it's glorious green across the distant horizon.  Last night's activity was better; but there was cloud.  Still despair.

Tonight is her last night and oh my goodness!  Hubby just phoned to say he'd been following the Aurora forecast - Nicole's camp is positioned perfectly - the range is hovering in 'storm mode' which is terribly exciting. Oh please, please Mr Aurora - do your spectacular flashlight show - my little girl has been waiting for you and she soooo deserves it. If you can throw in the odd dancing fox (as the myth goes) that'll be good; but; we'll happily settle for your natural fireworks display. With all your might.

Please Mr Aurora. Please.


ATTENTION - follow-up next morning. 
Just before the weather in last nights news, they showed a segment where the Northern Lights were captured from a viewing in North America - they said it was a night of extraordinary activity. I nearly died. Does that mean it'll extend to Norway too? Course it will says Hubby before he goes off to play soccer.

I sit by my facebook page; waiting; waiting; hoping - will she be disappointed - will she be amazed - I'm dying with anticipation. I notice some 'likes' on my High Tea facebook page. It's Nicka!!! She leaves me a little clue - I call Issy in Melbourne - read out the clue. OMG - we're both on standby.

After three cups of tea to calm my nerves; it's nine o'clock; a post finally appears.  She writes four words: "I could die happy". Comments and likes appearing faster than the speed of light - her facebook literally goes off!!

My Nicka has dreams; she follows her dreams; "chasing" the Northern Lights has long been a dream. Looks like she finally made a 'catch'.

Photo: I could die happy.


  1. tingles Mariana, I have tingles! What a truly stunning sight. Gorgeous.
    I've always wanted to see the northern (or southern) lights as well... Isn't the world amazing :-)

  2. Wow, what an amazing experience. She's one lucky and talented girl! Michelle in Queensland.

    1. In my totally unbiased opinion Michelle - I fully agree - hehe!

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