October 3, 2013

Waddya Fancy?

A very average photo I hear you ask? Sure is - but I'm being impulsive. It's the middle of the day (so never a good time to take a picture) but main thing is you can see the books. 

I was shoving things in my car to take to Lifeline; when a light bulb went on inside the old noggin. 

I've never had a 'giveaway' on Through My Kitchen Window. So. No time like the present. 

Fancy anything? Well; I don't know what the formal rules are in blogland; but it's gonna be like this in my neck of the woods. 

First in best dressed. One, two the whole lot - I don't care. Leave a comment below - take your pick, specify the title(s) your little ole heart desires and you have one week from today (or to Lifeline they shall go).

Oh; I should stipulate - in Australia only please. Check back in a week to see who gets what and I'll arange for sending your goodies. If someone before you has left a comment requesting the book that's caught your eye - well sorry - it's gone. 

Oooooh - such fun - why have I not done this before?

Hurry, hurry, hurry- step right up........... 


  1. autumn in piemonte? would be lovely pretty please. If no one else steps up for the Moro one that would be wonderful as well. I'll do you a swap for something though Mariana. I'm not sure for what yet, and it might be a little while down the track...I'll wait for inspiration. (Actually there are two energetic boys coming to the end of school holidays- a little slave labour?)

    1. Autumn in Piemonte and Moro - coming your way cityhippyfarmgirl.

      Seriously Brydie - NO WAY - don't send me anything dear - I'm culling bigtime and decluttering is the name of the game. Appreciate you wanting to swap - but do me a big big favour and please accept this with absolutely no obligation.

      Not much longer for those hols - hang in there. Mariana xx

  2. I would love the stephanie alexander one and salute, the french food market and not quite nigella, if noone else is interested. I'm more than happy to pay for postage :) what a wonderful idea Mariana. I'd love to offer some to swap, I've got some fiction if you are interested, if you are interested, authors such as patricia cornwall, james patterson, john grisham, maeve binchy, paullina simmons, and all the jean m. auel series, I'd be happy to give you specific titles.

    1. All yours Jan. I appreciate the offer, but like I said in the comment above to Brydie - thank you but no swap please. As for the postage; no way - this is a giveaway - please allow me the joy in sending this to you. This is fun!!

      Drop me an email with your name and address and I'll pop them in the mail next Monday.

      My email address is: mgfoodie@hotmail.com

      So pleased you came by Jan. Cheers Mariana

    2. Oooops - just realised it's a long weekend here in Qld. Will pop in mail next Tuesday not Monday. Mariana x

    3. Mariana your parcel arrived today and the smile won't go from my face, thank you x

    4. Thrilled to hear they found the way to their new home Jan (twas a long trip)..
      Enjoy and keep smiling
      Cheerio Mariana x

  3. Oh I love them all but the kitchen garden cooking looks fab and I LOVE nigella!
    Andrea Saunders

    1. Oh dear Andrea - sorry to say the week for the giveaway finished
      The remaining books along with many clothes have already gone to Lifeline.
      Don't despair, I had such fun, I look forward to having another one soon.
      Till then.....Mariana

    2. Not a worry! I'll keep up to date next time! Thanks