October 2, 2013

Last of the Jasmine

"English Summer Roses"

Such a hot day. What on earth possessed me to make a beef casserole? Looking in the freezer I see way too many bags of valley gravy beef. Okay. She's been seared, flavoured and is simmering away on the stove.  A sip of left over red wine used to release the browny bits on the bottom of the dish. Ooooh - flushed cheeks - I do feel hot.

Best remedy. 
Why a piping cup of hot tea of course! 
Served no less than in a beautiful vintage cup and saucer. 

How can I resist a piece of springy, moist cherry sponge cake? 

Well then - I won't.

With a touch of the last of the jasmine -
 ooooh - 
a whole year to wait till I see you through my kitchen window again. 

Oh well - that's living with the season I guess.

Happy Afternoon Tea To You. 


  1. Hi. I've just discovered your blog from the Down to Earth Blog. I love all your cooking and recipes! You make everything look so lovely. I love cooking too but compared to your work I am a rustic cook. Keep up the good work and good luck with finding more vintage treasures.

    1. I do so enjoy vintage hunting Andrea. Many thanks for your lovely compliments. Come back soon. Cheers Mariana